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Working KVM drives and guest tools.

With Windows 10 and 11, you can ssh into your Windows machine, with ssh key too.

How to make Anaconda and Homebrew play nicely together.

Docker Script


Scripts that make managing docker easier.



Command line and testing.

Alternative browser for MacOS, iPhone and iPad supporting extensions.

Some homebrew packages require extra steps and they are easy to miss.

Sync project to Hugo blog post.

Create Golang Module/package v2 and after with example.

A simple script to generate markdown list from Go source code.

How to do it in 2022.

This is more like a reminder for myself that this tool exist 🤦

Go Workspaces


How to use golang workspaces( And What problem does it solve?

This is a recap of my new and updated golang projects

Simple helper functions for Golang program.

Command line tools for easy mass configuration of git remote, and github/gites repositories API.

go-gitapi - A github/gitea api library in golang

A command line tool for crypto function.

Customization and shortcuts I use.

Cheatsheet for Linux OpenZFS.

A simple Github actions with GoReleaser.

Using standard Github actions only.

Hugo site link checker written in Golang.