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Hugo site link checker written in Golang.

How to mix them together?

If you migrate from wordpress or ghost.

PNG to ICO in GoLang. ICO store use PNG format.

Get both IPv4 and IPv6.

A starting guide for creating Hugo theme.

Prepare a favicon for website.

There are websites that show your internet IP, ever want to create your own?

Full feature Hugo theme build on top of hugo-theme-sk2 with Google AdSense support.

Migrated all my ZSH git functions into a standalone bash script.

Spice is again compilable on MacOS …

Not sure how others deal with 100s+ images, but this is how I do it.

Shell - Bash


Bash cheat sheet.

Some Caddy v2 Caddyfile examples.

Deploy Fedora CoreOS on Ubuntu 20.04 KVM host.

Configure dovecot virtual mailbox, replication with postfix.

Work in progress …

Automate site generation with Jenkins.

Docker Hugo


Docker - Hugo site generator used in CI/CD.

A refresh of my tiny vps postfix setup.

Using iptables on docker host.

The old credential issue.

How to set them up.

Docker Postfix


Docker - Postfix with sasldb2 support