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Using standard Github actions only.

Hugo site link checker written in Golang.

How to mix them together?

If you migrate from wordpress or ghost.

Some regex I used.

PNG to ICO command line tool in GoLang. ICO store use PNG format.

Get both IPv4 and IPv6.

A starting guide for creating Hugo theme.

Prepare a favicon for website.

There are websites that show your internet IP, ever want to create your own?

Full feature Hugo theme build on top of hugo-theme-sk2 with Google AdSense support.

Migrated all my ZSH git functions into a standalone bash script.

Spice is again compilable on MacOS …

Not sure how others deal with 100s+ images, but this is how I do it.

Shell - Bash


Bash cheat sheet.

Some Caddy v2 Caddyfile examples.

Deploy Fedora CoreOS on Ubuntu 20.04 KVM host.

Configure dovecot virtual mailbox, replication with postfix.

Work in progress …

Automate site generation with Jenkins.

Docker Hugo


Docker - Hugo site generator used in CI/CD.

A refresh of my tiny vps postfix setup.

Using iptables on docker host.

The old credential issue.