Docker on Mac

Running Docker on Mac and create first container.

Shell - Zsh

Zsh cheat sheet.

Cheat Sheet Section

Created a new cheat sheet section.

Nginx Config

Some quick nginx config.

Avahi Config

Some Avahi config.

Samba Config

Quick samba config to share home directory only.

Mac OS Commands

Some Mac OS commands.

Linux Commands

Misc. Linux commands.

Git Commands

Some git commands.

Mac OS Packages

Mac OS packages I use.

Linux Packages

Linux packages I used.

Tiny CA - OpenSSL-CA

Bite the bullet and create a tiny CA for local network.

Alpine iSCSI Target

Sharing a file base iSCSI disk from Alpine.

Alpine Docker-Machine & KVM Driver

It is easy to install Docker in Alpine as packages are readily available. But what about Docker-Machine without VirtualBox?

Hugo Blog

Finally get my Hugo Blog workflow iron out.

Alpine KVM

Setup libvirt/KVM on a remote Alpine Linux server and connect virsh/virt-manager from remote.

Alpine Linux

Random notes from a long time Ubuntu / Red Hat user whose Alpine installation count is going up.

Kubernetes RBAC

Kubernetes user setup (certification-based authentication) and RBAC setup of the same user.