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Before and After :D

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Found this photo in my photo stream. It was taken more than a year ago behind my computer desk. Networking guys, look familiar?


July 2015 …





How was it done?

Well, it didn’t happen over night. Following is recap of what I did in the past year that reduce cable count:

  • -2 cables After sticking with wired keyboard and mouse for years, finally found a wireless one that I will give it a try, the MS Designer Desktop (keyboard + mouse). Its battery last, low profile, has media keys, good looking, and most importantly, it has NUM PAD!! That is a must for me.

  • -4 cables Synergy is a keyboard/mouse sharing software that works across MacOS, Linux and Windows. With it I get rid of the kvm switch.

  • -1 pair Enabling bluetooth audio in my Mac Mini and connect a Logitech bluetooth adapter to my mixer. (Not exactly reduce by one as the adapter need power. But it is not running from left to right behind my desk.)

  • -3 cables A 5.1 sound system has 5 speaker cables, a power cord and one to five inputs. With my 5.1 system dying (it produces a very annoying non-stop humming noise), I switched to a pair of power speakers. Each speaker has an input and a power cord. But the cords are not running all around my desk anymore. If you are not playing computer games nor using your computer to watch DVD/Blue-ray, just stick with stereo!

  • -1 cable My old printer’s imaging unit die and was crazily expensive to replace that part. Got a new one that support wi-fi.

What an improvement!! Hmm .. Well Done (me ^.^) !

John Siu

Update: 2020-08-19
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