Use Github/Gogs Api To Create Repo

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Gogs implemented Github api. The only different is the URL.


No matter you are using Gogs or Github, you have to login your account and generate a token.


Go into Settings -> Applications, then click Generate New Token.


Go into Settings -> Developer settings -> Personal access tokens, then click Generate new token.

In both cases, copy&paste the token into a file right away. We will need it in our script/function below.

zsh function



  TOK="Your token here"

  # Gogs url
  #URL="https://<your gogs domain>/api/v1"

  # Github url


  curl \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -H "Authorization: token ${TOK}" \
  -d "${REQ}" \

The only difference between gogs and github is the URL. Gogs need /api/v1 in its url, while github uses api sub-domain. Uncomment the one you want to use.

Add function in .zshrc and use as follow:

create_new_repo <repo_name>
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