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H2Ghost - The Revamped Ghost HTTP2/S Solution

H2Ghost is a http2/https front end for Ghost Blog, either via proxy or using Ghost’s rootApp directly, providing an Node.js alternative to Nginx or Apache. It is a complete replacement of ghost-https-indexjs(discontinued) and Ghost Https Nodejs Proxy(renamed to this project).

It can be used as Ghost Blog start up wrapper.


  • Single Node.js process for both H2Ghost and your Ghost instant (configurable).

  • HTTP to HTTPS redirect.

  • HTTPS primary URL redirect for site with multiple domain/sub-domain.

  • Minimum configuration.

4 - 6 lines if installing in same box with Ghost.

const ghost = {
  start: 'app',
  env: 'production',
  dir: '/home/ghost/ghost',
  // ... no more change for rest of this section

const cert = {
  key: fs.readFileSync('server.key'),
  cert: fs.readFileSync('server.crt'),
  //ca: fs.readFileSync(''),
  //pfs: fs.readFileSync('')
const helmetOptions = {
  hidePoweredBy: true,
  ieNoOpen: true,
  noSniff: true,
  dnsPrefetchControl: false,
  noCache: false,
  xssFilter: false,
  //contentSecurityPolicy: {},
  //frameguard: {},
  //referrerPolicy: {},
  //hsts: {},
  //hpkp: {}

Full Instruction & Package

GitHub: H2Ghost

8 Apr 2017 #ghost #http2 #spdy #https #blog #nodejs #proxy

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