MacOS Cannot Connect Samba

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It suddenly stop working … and luckily I got it fix.

SMB Connection

From time to time I use Finder ⌘-k Connect to Server to connect to the few Samba folders I have around, and all of them are saved in following format:


Then suddenly they all stopped working. I tried a few different ways:


They all refused to connect.

CIFS:// vs SMB://

I did a lot of searches but they either are old (>1yr) issues or doesn’t apply in my situation.

I came across a few neat tricks like using dtruss, a system call tracing tools. But I don’t want to turn off system integrity protection(required to use dtruss) just because of share folder issue.

Then I tried one last thing, use cifs:// instead of smb://:


That works!! I am not sure why smb:// suddenly stop working. But I am happy the share drive is connecting again.

John Siu
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