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Orion Browser for Mac, iPhone and iPad

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Alternative browser for MacOS, iPhone and iPad supporting extensions.

Browsers for Apple Products

If you spend a little bit of time searching, you will see there are lots of browsers other than Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge for MacOS. And a little less for iPhone and iPad.

Issue for the later two are most of those browsers don’t support extension/add-on. Almost all of them are just using the Safari engine come with the device. My iPad was collecting dust for years because I am a person can’t live without browser extensions.

Things changed when I was invited to close beta testing of the Orion browser in 2021.

What So Special about Orion

Yes, Orion support extension from both Firefox and Chrome web store, for both Apple desktop and mobile devices! This completely revived my iPad. Following is screenshot from iPad.

Orion Extension

There were lot of rough edges when I first join the beta program, but now it is very mature and I switched my default browser on all my Apple devices to Orion.

Other Features Highlight

Orion is packed with features. I want to highlight those that I use daily.

  • Support both desktop (yes, M1 too), iPhone and iPad.
  • Built in ad and tracker blocking
    You can still use ad blocking extensions if you prefer.
  • Sync between devices using iCloud
    Orion is privacy centric. The browser sync only use your own iCloud, no external server involved.
  • Vertical tab
    No extension required.

How to Get

Orion is in open beta now, anyone can try:

Official website:

John Siu

Update: 2022-06-19
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