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OnePlus 2 Launched

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OnePlus officially launched their 2nd generation phone last night. Review is not out yet, but it look beautiful in their VR launch video and in the product site.

I am a OnePlus One user. However the touch screen start to act strange since I dropped it in the sink, and have been debating getting a screen replacement or wait for the new one. Watching the launch last night, I am sold on the OnePlus Two.


  1. The overall build of the phone, it is beautiful. This is very important to me.
  2. Screen size is kept at 5.5″ but overall size of the phone is smaller than OPO. Good job!!!
  3. They keep the capacitive button, as I hate on screen button!
  4. Finger print unlock. I was too lazy to use pin code to lock my OPO. Now I can with OPT!
  5. Overall improvement camera, including the software. OPO camera focus is really slow!!
  6. Dual SIM. This is a bonuses. I don’t need it daily, but it is nice to have when traveling. For people traveling monthly, weekly, (or daily:eek:), this is a must have!!
  7. Finally, surprisingly low price!!



-64GB USD $389 -16GB USD $329


I am not going to repeat their spec., you can check it out here.

John Siu

Update: 2020-09-01
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