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Tiny VPS Postfix - Part 3 - GMail as Email Client

One service to rule them all

In Tiny VPS Postfix I set up a minimalistic postfix server, which will forward all email to an external email.

In Part 2 I set up postfix with sasldb to enable smtp authentication for outgoing email.

Then what about web-base email service? Is there one that can handle both so I don’t have to use additional email client to handle outgoing emails?

Yes. GMail

Assuming you already setup your email alias to your GMail account, then there is nothing to do on server-side. Just follow the step below to set up GMail to use your server as outgoing smtp gateway.

Step 1

Login GMail, click the “gear” icon on the upper right, then click Settings.

Step 1

Step 2

Click Accounts and Import then Add another email address you own. I already have js@johnsiu.com setup. I will just create another one in next step.

Step 3

Enter the email address and name. Remove check mark for Treat as an alias.

Step 4

Check mark Send through your.domain SMTP servers. Then enter your server address, username and password.

Step 5

If the server test passed, when composing email, you will see something like following, but with your own domain email address.

15 Apr 2013 #gmail #linux #postfix #vps #smtp

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