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My interests. My projects.

My Interests



  • Blogging
  • Good Food
  • Sci-fi

My Projects

Hugo SK Themes

SK1hugo-theme-sk1SK1sk1.jsiu.devFully functional basic Hugo theme with no css, no javascript.
SK2hugo-theme-sk2SK2sk2.jsiu.devFully functional basic Hugo theme with minimum css.
SK3hugo-theme-sk3SK3sk3.jsiu.devFull feature Hugo theme with Google AdSense support.

Angular Library

ng2-simple-globalng2-simple-global-libGlobal variable service for Angular.
ng2-simple-mqng2-simple-mqMessage queue for Angular inter-component communication base on RxJS.
ng2-simple-timerng2-simple-timer-libTimer service for Angular base on RxJS.
simple-api-client-ng2ng2-simple-api-libApi service work with simple-api-express.
simple-api-expresssimple-api-expressApi handler that work with simple-api-client-ng2.


amule-docker_amuleAmule Daemon
dnsmasqLinux IPv6 Router How Todocker_dnsmasqDnsmasq Daemon
hostapdLinux IPv6 Router How Todocker_hostapdWifi Daemon
hugoJenkins Blog Automationdocker_hugoHugo generator for CI/CD
mpddocker_mpddocker_mpdMusic Player Daemon
mpd_litedocker_mpd_litedocker_mpd_liteMusic Player Daemon
postfixTiny VPS Postfix with Dockerdocker_postfixPostfix Email Daemon
tor-docker_torTor Client
transmission-docker_transmissionTransmission Client
unbound-docker_unboundUnbound DNS


auto_dockerauto_dockerauto_dockerMass Dockerfile auto update script.
docker_compose-docker_composeCompose and env files for 3rd party docker images.
go-cryptogo-cryptogo-cryptoA crypto command line project
go-gitapigo-gitapigo-gitapiAPI library supporting github/gitea
go-helpergo-helpergo-helperHelper library for golang project
go-hugo-lcgo-hugo-lcgo-hugo-lcHugo site link checker written in golang.
go-mygitgo-mygitgo-mygitGit and repository automation tool support group action.
go-png2icogo-png2icogo-png2icoPNG to ICO in GoLang. ICO use PNG format for storage.
go-readme2bloggo-readme2bloggo-readme2blogMass processing of to markdown blog.
id3goid3goid3goID3v2 Command Line Editor
itplitplitpliTunes Playlist command line tool.
tiny_caTiny CA - OpenSSL-CAtiny_caBash script to create root CA for local network.

John Siu

Update: 2022-05-25
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