My 20min of FireFall

Red 5 FireFall Beta Test Weekend

I am never good at point and shoot game. But after seeing FireFall trailer and game play video on YouTube, I signed up for their beta test.

FireFall has a distinct graphic style, very much like watching a Japan 3D animation. That was what draw my attention.

That was months ago, and this week finally got an invite for its beta test weekend. And here is what happen … this morning 😛


Open my eye, dam me wake up so early on a weekend …

Do this, do that, check cell phone for email … hmm … O-Shit, totally forget to download the beta


Turn on computer, login website, start downloading installer …

Hmm .. 17M only … not bad …


Running the installer/downloader …

4,233,088kB = 4,133.875M = 4G … @#$% you!!


Finally … Go!! Go!! Go!!


Got my man!


Wait … Again …


Flying to base


Walk around


Lets go kill some bugs



Oops … Hit by a truck

No, wait … its a bug

~~ The End ~~