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How to set them up.

Docker Postfix


Docker - Postfix with sasldb2 support

From time to time we get files with garbage characters.

In season of covid-19, maybe it is time for some upgrade.

itpl (iTunes PlayList in short) is a command line tool to export iTunes playlist with various options.

Some websites for covid-19 information.

Using dibbler-client / wide-dhcpv6-client to get dhcpv6-pd.

Linux IPv4/IPv6 router using shorewall and dnsmasq only, without radvd.

Cheat sheet for simple usage.

Using Linux command line.

KVM Command


Some KVM frequently used commands.

Screen Command


Cheat sheet.

Setup Jenkins using official docker image.

Provide easy viewing and updating of media file tags from command line.

Some Angular CLI usage.

Setup private docker registry using official registry image.

Setup Gogs using official docker image.

It suddenly stop working … and luckily I got it fix.

Updated instruction for MacOS.

Docker MPD Lite


Base on my Alpine MPD Lite with UID/GID + audio GID handling.

Docker MPD


Docker MPD Lite with UID/GID + audio GID handling.

Ubuntu Commands


Misc. Ubuntu commands.

LVM Commands


Some LVM commands.

All Google IP addresses.