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Enable Elastic Stack / ELK X-Pack Basic Authentication in Ubuntu.

Install ELK / Elastic Stack in Ubuntu.

Use Hugo front matter aliases to handle migration from other platform such as Ghost or WordPress.

Use Hugo static section to handle migration from other platform such as Ghost or WordPress.

Hugo homepage list empty or wrong post list after upgrading to 0.57.x.

simple-api-client-ng2 is an Angular api service, which work with simple-api-express, an ExpressJS api handler.

ng2-simple-global is a global variable service for Angular.

ng2-simple-mq is a message queue service for Angular inter-component communication base on RxJS.

ng2-simple-timer is a simple timer service for Angular, base on RxJS.

simple-api-express is an ExpressJS api handler (NOT middleware) that work with simple-api-client-ng2, an Angular api service.

Docker on MacOS


Running Docker on MacOS and create first container.

Deploying BackupPC 4.x on Alpine require some efforts.

Shell - Zsh


Zsh cheat sheet.

Created a new cheat sheet menu.

Nginx Config


Some quick nginx config.

Avahi Config


Some Avahi config.

Samba Config


Quick samba config to share home directory only.

Some MacOS commands.

Some Hugo commands and config.

Linux Commands


Misc. Linux commands.

Docker Commands


Docker misc.

Git Commands


Some git commands.

MacOS Packages


MacOS packages I use.

Linux Packages


Linux packages I use.