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itpl (iTunes PlayList in short) is a command line tool to export iTunes playlist with various options.

Use Hugo front matter aliases to handle migration from other platform such as Ghost or WordPress.

Use Hugo static section to handle migration from other platform such as Ghost or WordPress.

Hugo homepage list empty or wrong post list after upgrading to 0.57.x.

Seems URL rewrite/redirect is a never ending story.

Hugo Blog

Finally get my Hugo Blog workflow iron out.

H2Ghost is a http2/https front end for Ghost Blog

I moved my blog to Ghost a few months ago. Like many other self hosting Ghost users, I keep asking why Ghost does not fully support https out of the box.

In an earlier post I talk about running Ghost Blog with https using nodejs only.

Though I move my blog to Ghost in last month, I am not satisfy with the default Casper theme come with Ghost.

As of today, the official way for self-hosted Ghost Blog to use HTTPS is to use Nginx as a front end proxy server. The official guide is here.

In my earlier post Lighttpd url.redirect and changing WordPress permalink structure, I talk about the issue when permalink structure is changed.

Last October I moved my git server from GitLab CE to GoGs. I also planned to move my blog from WordPress to Ghost Blog at the same time, but was delayed by the heavy load at work, until now.

I used to use the Date and Name permalink structure for my blog:

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