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Command line and testing.

Sync project to Hugo blog post.

This is more like a reminder for myself that this tool exist 🤦

Command line tools for easy mass configuration of git remote, and github/gites repositories API.

A command line tool for crypto function.

Cheatsheet for Linux OpenZFS.

PNG to ICO command line tool in GoLang. ICO store use PNG format.

Migrated all my ZSH git functions into a standalone bash script.

From time to time we get files with garbage characters.

itpl (iTunes PlayList in short) is a command line tool to export iTunes playlist with various options.

Cheat sheet for simple usage.

Using Linux command line.

KVM Command


Some KVM frequently used commands.

Screen Command


Cheat sheet.

Provide easy viewing and updating of media file tags from command line.

Some Angular CLI usage.

Updated instruction for MacOS.

Ubuntu Commands


Misc. Ubuntu commands.

LVM Commands


Some LVM commands.

Some MacOS commands and keyboard shortcuts.

Some Hugo commands and config.

Linux Commands


Misc. Linux commands.

Docker Commands


Docker misc.