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How to do it in 2022.

A simple Github actions with GoReleaser.

Using standard Github actions only.

Get both IPv4 and IPv6.

A starting guide for creating Hugo theme.

There are websites that show your internet IP, ever want to create your own?

Spice is again compilable on MacOS …

Configure dovecot virtual mailbox, replication with postfix.

Using dibbler-client / wide-dhcpv6-client to get dhcpv6-pd.

Linux IPv4/IPv6 router using shorewall and dnsmasq only, without radvd.

Using Linux command line.

Setup Jenkins using official docker image.

Setup private docker registry using official registry image.

Setup Gogs using official docker image.

Updated instruction for MacOS.

Enable Elastic Stack / ELK X-Pack Basic Authentication in Ubuntu.

Install ELK / Elastic Stack in Ubuntu.

Docker on MacOS


Running Docker on MacOS and create first container.

Deploying BackupPC 4.x on Alpine require some efforts.

Sharing a file base iSCSI disk from Alpine.

It is easy to install Docker in Alpine as packages are readily available. But what about Docker-Machine without VirtualBox?

Alpine KVM


Setup libvirt/KVM on a remote Alpine Linux server and connect virsh/virt-manager from remote.

This serve as a starting point for installing Chef server on local machines.

Step by Step.