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Not sure how others deal with 100s+ images, but this is how I do it.

Docker Hugo


Docker - Hugo site generator used in CI/CD.

Docker Postfix


Docker - Postfix with sasldb2 support

In season of corvid-19, maybe it is time for some upgrade.

itpl (iTunes PlayList in short) is a command line tool to export iTunes playlist with various options.

Provide easy viewing and updating of media file tags from command line.

Docker MPD Lite


Base on My Alpine MPD (Music Player Daemon) Lite with UID/GID + audio GID handling.

Docker MPD


Docker MPD Lite with UID/GID + audio GID handling.

simple-api-client-ng2 is an Angular api service, which work with simple-api-express, an ExpressJS api handler.

ng2-simple-global is a global variable service for Angular.

ng2-simple-mq is a message queue service for Angular inter-component communication base on RxJS.

ng2-simple-timer is a simple timer service for Angular, base on RxJS.

simple-api-express is an ExpressJS api handler (NOT middleware) that work with simple-api-client-ng2, an Angular api service.

Bite the bullet and create a Root CA for local network.