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How to make Anaconda and Homebrew play nicely together.

Alternative browser for MacOS, iPhone and iPad supporting extensions.

Some homebrew packages require extra steps and they are easy to miss.

Spice is again compilable on MacOS …

itpl (iTunes PlayList in short) is a command line tool to export iTunes playlist with various options.

It suddenly stop working … and luckily I got it fix.

Updated instruction for MacOS.

Hugo homepage list empty or wrong post list after upgrading to 0.57.x.

Docker on MacOS


Running Docker on MacOS and create first container.

Some MacOS commands and keyboard shortcuts.

MacOS Packages


MacOS packages I use.

Alpine KVM


Setup libvirt/KVM on a remote Alpine Linux server and connect virsh/virt-manager from remote.

Recently I have been experimenting with a tiny KVM setup. Everything is good till I want to use my Mac Mini to connect to the client desktop.